Take your Blackjack skills to the next level

If you’re used to playing the normal rules of the online casino classics then it’s time you started thinking about branching out to different versions of the games you’ve mastered.

Many blackjack players often find themselves searching for new variations of the classic casino game to enhance the excitement of the deal and test their skills on a new level.

If you’re one such player then you should check out the Betfair blackjack range, which offers a variety of interpretations of this classic showdown of card manipulation and good fortune.

From UK blackjack to Zero, Surrender to Half Double, the range of games available to test your card skills is wide, varied and incredibly compelling once you start playing.

One of the most popular variations in the Betfair Blackjack range is Switch, a game that lets you play two hands at the same time and the authority to swap cards between the two in order to fashion a something good.

The skill in Switch is to work out whether or not a swap is worthwhile and which combination is best for you. There’s no monetary commitment to switching the cards and you do so before the first Hit, so you’ve got one up on the dealer before the game begins.

For those who want further authority over the game then Pick’em is perfect. The rules follow exactly the same line as normal blackjack but, instead of the house dealing the cards, you get to choose your own.

A deck is laid out face down on the table and you pick two hole cards plus one for the dealer. Then, go through the stages of betting and hitting until you’re comfortable with your total before selecting the dealer’s cards.

It’s a great way to interact with a game that otherwise can get very samey and there’s always some players who find a personal system of choosing cards.

Because of the vast number of blackjack variations there’s always something to test your skills in the online community, so why not have a go in demo mode before playing for real money.