Blackjack Secrets


When you start playing blackjack games your first concern will be how to win at blackjack and for that you have to learn the game very well. The blackjack strategy is the main topic which you must learn fully before playing the game. When you have a great knowledge on blackjack rules and basic strategy you can know the perfect time to hold, double, hit and split the cards of your hand.

Learn the Basic Blackjack Strategy

This strategy based on the four card decks but you can use this strategy for other cards decks. Based on this strategy you will decide whether you hold, double, hit or split. If the dealer has a lower card then you can take the advantage of that. As an example, if you have 15 and the dealer has 8 you can call stand but if the dealer has higher then hit will be the perfect call.

To use the cheat sheet of cards of the basic blackjack strategy you have to memorize the sheet chart fully. If you can so then the advantage of your winning will higher than the dealer. You have to play a lot to use the strategy perfectly and after a lot of hands you will be able to knock down the dealer. This is not the same as card counting and you have to learn the strategy first to learn about the card counting.

What We Do to Help Our Client

When you want to learn the basic strategy then just mail to us and we will send you a mail with proper instructions and a strategy card. You will also get 2 newsletters every month. Apart from that you will be able to practice with our online blackjack trainer. So sign up for free and we will never use your email address for other purpose. Our strategy cards will really help you to figure out the secret of this game.

If you do not want any free blackjack strategy card or possibility to play online blackjack, you can also win the game by memorizing the strategy. If you don't need the card from us you can collect that from anywhere else and you will learn the process how to win at blackjack. If you are playing online blackjack it will be better if you use the strategy card to reveal the secret of the puzzle. But if you are playing in any original casino, you have to know the rules of them about the strategy card because some casinos allow it some don't.