Blackjack Trainer

What is Blackjack Trainer?


This is the training program for the players of online blackjack games and this blackjack trainer program supports both MacOS and Windows. You can learn a lot from it and if you train hard you can get huge knowledge about blackjack. You can easily configure this program by yourself and choose the perfect configuration for your playing. You can also set the blackjack rules for this program and the rules like the dealer will hit or stand on the soft 17. What will be time for doubling down, what will be time for splitting, number of decks, all those will be set by you. You can also set the strategy of betting and also the playing!

You can play practice game with it and the strategy and even the speed of game can be set by you. The simulation of this trainer has a high speed so you will be satisfied with its performance. It has a wide manual and you can easily learn about all the processes of this blackjack trainer. Most of the modern version of Windows and MacOS support this program.

Comments about the Blackjack Trainer

A lot of people said that this is the best simulator for learning blackjack and you can learn how to win at blackjack from these comments below:

Arnold Snyder a card player said "For my money, now the fastest and the most efficient way of card counting learning is with a computer".

From the blackjack forum, Anthony Curtis said "This program will improve skills of card counting."

A card player named Maryann Guberman said "Blackjack Trainer is the slickest product of its kind on the soft market."

From the great player Michael Dalton " of the best blackjack training helpers on the software market today! ...very user friendly way of playing professional blackjack."

We also know what the Computer Gaming World said about the blackjack trainer. The comment is "The really serious card player have to come to this product being prepared for hard card-tossing workout."

So from these comments we learn that this is the best blackjack trainer for learning the game very well and you can also practice your blackjack skills using it. So if you want play this game first use this simulator to know about the game a lot then start playing.