Blackjack Variations

Blackjack is a formal card game since 17th century and the name of this game has been changed in different places. Later on there was a period of elimination blackjack, but luckily it is over. The Pontoon blackjack, Hokkien and Vingt-et-Unare the most popular variations of the blackjack games. Many people also called it as the game 21.

It is also interesting to know that player not prefer to play at online casinos, kike at Vegas strip which is the most popular place to play blackjack.

Rules of Blackjack

Every rule of each blackjack variation has a connection with twenty-one and you have to score twenty-one to win the game. A dealer deals the cards and you have to play against the dealer, not other players because all play against the dealer and you will get your cards from the dealer. The value of the Ace is either 1 or 11, the face cards have the value 10 and the cards 2-10 have their own number value.

Different Rules of Blackjack

When you play the game, some cards have special value and you will get special rewards when you get those types of cards in specific blackjack gameslike the Triple 7s and the MatchPlay 21. If you get spades to get the blackjack you will get higher payout than other blackjack. For the games the Double Exposure and the Blackjack Switch there is an opportunity of revealing the full hand of the dealer or you can also change your cards with other hands,

For the gaming methods like the Pontoon and the Chinese Blackjack, rules can vary more seriously. For the game Spanish 21, you will not get any 10 cards, so you have to take extra challenge to win the game against the dealer. The term insurance is also a popular terms in blackjack and using this rule you can save your half bet while you are losing. But you will find many casinos online or land based which don't support this rule.

If you play the game High Streak Blackjack, then you will know that if you win game two or more games and the last one is higher than the 2nd one you will get extra money for that. The method doubling downis another popular rule for the blackjack loving gamblers and this option give them the chance to make their winnings double. Themulti-hand blackjack is another type of blackjack where multiple players play the game at the same time and for this type of game the betting amount will be lower than the single hand game but the winnings is larger than the single hand games.