UBT – stands for the Ultimate Blackjack Tour. It is not as easy as playing games at online casinos. Same as WSOB tournament, UBT is a famous and popular TV blackjack tournament which has first appeared on television on 16th of September 2006. This tournament was created by the famous poker and blackjack professional – Russ Hamilton.

What is the UBT

It is a 10-week long series of elimination tournaments, where players can play not only against the casino but against each other, and in the end of each round the player with the least amount of chips gets eliminated from the tournament.

Qualifying rounds begin 17 miles from Las Vegas (since some of the competitors are forbidden to enter the city) and only 120 competitors will take a part in the Ultimate Blackjack Tour. Do you think this is too much? But what will you think if we tell you that it is $1.3 million on a stake? With such a prize just imaging how furious and ruff the competition will be!

On opposite to WSOB, UBT is an opened tournament, where everyone can participate and try to win the main prize. But don’t be fooled – it, of course, can’t be that easy to win! Best players from the entire world, the best blackjack professionals and even celebrities every year participate in this tournament in order to take the prize!

It is named a tour not without a reason. It is indeed a tour! Many famous casinos enjoy inviting the UBT blackjack tournament to their casinos, so the players have a chance to visit world famous casinos, like casinos in Atlantic City, Las Vegas and many other famous places.

From time to time, to make the tournament more interesting, famous poker professionals without any knowledge and experience in blackjack are invited. Almost the same practice we can face when a novice in the world of gambling downloads some software list that he or she gets from a friend and starts to play the game for the first time in life.

UBT rules

In the beginning of the UBT tournament all players have the same bankroll - $25000. Maximum bet is $25000 and minimum bet is $500. In the final round competitors have a bankroll of $100000 each, with the same maximum bet, and with a minimum bet of $1000.

There are 7 players at each table. Players have only 25 seconds for making a decision. And only 45 seconds on the last hand before the elimination – the game is a real rush!

Players with the least amount of money after 8th,16th and 25th hands are eliminated from the tournament!

All other rules are standard blackjack rules except some UBT tournament’s blackjack secret cards.

UBT Secret cards

Only one time per each at any time during the game each player can use their secret cards such as: secret action, secret insurance and secret bet.

Secret action card – is a special option card for the players. When the player uses this card, he\she goes to a special room alone, writes down a special move like a double down, shows it to the camera in the room, then goes back to the table and gives it to the dealer, without showing to other players.

Secret bet – the player as well as with secret action card, goes to a secret room, but this time he\she can write a secret bet, and after that to show it to the dealer, again without showing it to other players.

The same is with the secret insurance card.

The main idea of the secret actions is to disorient other players, and make the game more interesting and spectacular.