How to improve the blackjack odds

Before starting to play the blackjack game one has to master the blackjack odds. Blackjack players should have very good skill set or should have got a vast experience to win the game. One can rely on the luck sometimes but if a player goes with the rules of the games then it sure of getting a good profit. One of the best blackjack odds is to remember the card counting.

Mastering over the card counting as a part of blackjack odds will be the best and effective approach to win a blackjack table.

Increase Your Winning Odds With Card Counting

Odds of blackjack with card count: The first and foremost blackjack odds are to look at the player’s cards. If a player has got 12 points in his hand already then there is only 31% of winning the table with dealing with the next card to make up to 21. If the points count is 13 then there will be only 39% chance. When a player has got 14 points then the winning chance is 56% and if the point count is 15, then the winning chance is 58% and gradually the percentage will decrease and at the end if the player has got 20 points then there will be 21% of winning the table. This is the best blackjack odds to be considered at the start of any game.

Blackjack odds based on dealer’s card: Generally the blackjack game will started with dealers having two cards one with face up and the other with face down. If the card with face up is of Ace, then there will 11.65% of chances for dealer to get over the 21 mark. If the card is Jack or Queen or King then the percentage is 21.43. If the blackjack odds with dealer’s card have 9 then the winning chance will be 23.34% and if it is 8 then it will be 23.86% and the percentage will increase gradually with the card number going low. At the end if the card count is 2 then there will 35.30% of winning the game by dealer. Play the game carefully and place your cards to have a good profit at top gambling website