Spanish 21

spanish blackjack

Spanish Blackjack has each of the ten cards detached from the deck, which is a very extraordinary variation. They are not used at the game and like that, means all decks used have just 48 cards. This small peculiarity provides players an additional benefit, as the less high valued cards are at the deck – the more winning chances has the player and in this way, the smaller the casino edge is. You know, that all the game versions vary in the rules and before you start playing you should check all of them out. Spanish 21 has the following game rules and peculiarities:

Number of Decks:

The number of Spanish Blackjack playing cards is eight. Every deck has had removed the ten cards.


You may just separate a hand when the time is up to it and create a most of two hands. Inside this game you can rip together similar as well as different picture cards. If you split Aces, after that simply one card will be deal to all. By means of a split Ace with any ten-treasured card you will get a possibility to have a Blackjack and beat the dealer.

Doubling Down:

You are permitted to double down your bets also. You can as well stay splitting a most of three times, as well as with responsibility therefore you will finish awake playing four divide hands.

Dealer Play: The dealer will strike a flexible 17 hand. Though this game is an opening card game so you can see the cards of all the players who are at your table, and what is the most important – cards of the dealer. But if you play online Spanish 21, you should remember, that you won’t be able to count cards as the decks are reshuffled all the time. When playing online the card counting will be a misuse of time. Playing Spanish 21, you should also know that it pays 2-1.

The payment of a Blackjack hand is 3 to 2 and the dwelling frame of Spanish Blackjack is 0.38%.

Bonus Payout of Spanish Blackjack:

You will find paid particular bonuses for sure hand. Probably, these extra-payout is the most attractive things, which differs the classic blackjack variation and Spanish one. You will receive 3:2 payments if you find several five cards to put in equal to 21. If you will get eight, seven and six of spades, then your bonus worth will 3:1.The combination of following hand will give 2-1.