All On Chinese Blackjack

The Chinese blackjack is considered to be one among the most popular blackjack games. It is one of the most played gamed in South East Asia. Chinese blackjack is also known as hokkien, 21 point and ban luck.

Chinese Blackjack Game Rules

The Chinese blackjack uses the 52 deck of cards and is considered to be played by people in any number. As usual, there will be one dealer. In some of the cases, it is also possible that players would take the position of dealer. The main reason for the popularity of Chinese blackjack game would be the exclusive features offered with it. One of the unique features of this game is that, the dealer can reveal the hands selectively to some players. Hence most of them do not volunteer to become the dealer while in this game Online Blackjack. Another unique feature of this game is that, a special status will be awarded to the player who owns 5 cards without being busted.

How to Count Cards at Chinese Blackjack

The point counting rules will be different in most of the blackjack games and likewise its different in Chinese blackjack as well. Let us go through the rules to count points. The value of K's, Q's and J's would be 10, the value of 10's through 2's would be as per their face value. However, the value of ace varies as per the number of cards a player holds. The value of ace would be 11 or 10 if the total number of cards would be 2, the values of ace is 10 or 1 if the number of cards would be 3 and the value of ace is 1 if the number of cards would be 4 or more.

Every player and also the dealer would check their hands for the special combinations mentioned below.

If it is Ace and Ace then the combination would be ban-ban, if it is Ace with any from 10, J, Q, K then it is ban-luck, if the total points is 15 then it is a free hand and they would looks for pairs as well as a combination of 7-7-7.