The information about hi-opt 2 card counting

Most of the games in casino, winning is purely based on luck. However, in few games such as blackjack, by making use of some mathematical calculations as well as few card counting strategies such as Hi-Opt 2 card counting one can gain great advantage upon the dealer. The Hi-Opt 2 card counting does not require one to memorize all the cards coming from the shoe. It involves the track keeping of cards among the ratios of high and low values, present on deck.

The Strategy of Hi-Opt 2 Card Counting

The Hi-Opt 2 card counting method is a much more advanced system of card counting. This system is found to be used by most of the advanced players of blackjack games. The Hi-Opt 2 card counting strategy is considered to be very complicated and only the players with great practice on it would be able to use the system successfully. This system gives such players an extra edge on the game when used.

The Values of the Cards in Hi Opt2 Card Counting

To learn the strategy of Hi-Opt 2 card counting successfully one must be able to memorize the value of cards precisely. Let us know about the values of each card in this system. The values of 2's and 3's would be +1, the values of 4's and 5's would be +2, the values of 6's and 7's would be +1, the values of 8's and 9's would be 0, the values of 10's, J's, Q's and K's would be -2 and the value of Ace in this system is of value 0.

From the values mentioned above alone can give an idea about the complexity of this system and with great practice it can be seasoned perfectly. And the Aces again, are usually not tracked among the running card count but will be tracked externally by making use of markers like fingers, chips or even sometimes with toes. To balance this system one has to keep the count till 0 and complete 52 cards are played else the count is not correct. This is the beauty of the hi opt 2 card counting strategy.