Blackjack Tips and Tricks


If you’re completely new to the game – the first thing you need to do is to familiarize yourself with special terminology, as it may really help you to understand the game more clearly. And if you want to beat the house – get acquainted with strategies, rules, and game variations before getting started.


YOU HAVE (In total) DEALER HAS (face up card)
17 or less Doesn’t matter
Soft 18 8,9,10
12-16 7 or higher


YOU HAVE (In total) DEALER HAS (face up card)
17 or higher Doesn’t matter
12-16 2-6


YOU HAVE (In total) DEALER HAS (face up card)
11 10 or Ace
10 9 or less
9 2-8
Soft 13, 14 5,6
Soft 15,16 4-6
Soft 17,18 3-6


split_variant0 split_variant1



If the Dealer face up card is from 4 to 7


If the Dealer face up card is from 3 to 6


If the Dealer face up card is from 3 to 7


If the Dealer face up card is from 2-6, 8, 9

NB – The suit here doesn’t matter!

The blackjack games can be played only if you are well aware of the blackjack tips. These tips will let you know what are the rules of the games and how you have to choose the tables and play the cards.

These are the only things which people have to understand and apply in the games. When a person clearly understands the blackjack tips, the game will be easy for you to play and will make you a winner.

The blackjack tips are quite easy and simple that every person can understand and use. People can learn these tips easily. People who are used to play these games will not feel troubled and complicated in applying these tips and rules in the games. The blackjack tips in a very casino are standard. That means that every casino has the same rules for people when they have to play this game.

  • Tips of the blackjack games: according to blackjack tips, the first effort you have to do is to choose the table on which you have to play the game. It is not a difficult thing to choose the table for your game. People act very cleverly and smartly when they have to choose their table. It depends on the kind of table whether you are going to win the game or you are going to lose it. So for choosing the right kind of blackjack table, you must read and understand the blackjack tips that will help you understand the right way of choosing the table.

When you have selected the right blackjack table for you, it is now time to play the game. Act very smartly. Think and understand what will be the best act in playing the cards. For winning you have to be the first one to decide the cards you have to use.

The blackjack tips will help you a lot in paying the game. When you enter any casino, remember to learn the blackjack tips first and then start any game and choose any table.