Ko Card Counting System

KO is also known as the knock out that is one of the methods of counting in the card counting system. If you think that you are ready to count cards playing blackjack – learn he following tips on Ko strategy.

How the Strategy Works

This system involves the addition of +1 in every seventh value in the counting. It is a perfect strategy that is used for playing the blackjack games. There are a total of four 7’s that are involved in the decks of the cards. In the end you will get a count +4 when you are counting the overall deck. This is known as Ko count card counting.

The authors Ken Fushln ad Olaf Vancura are the developers who have proposed this strategy to be used in the game. This is the best strategy you can use for the conversion of true count. In this strategy the count back or the count forth is explained and applied. Especially when you are playing in the casinos clubvulcan777.org, these strategies will be very much helpful for you. Unfortunately in casinos you get to play with different people, they may distract you and cause disturbance in your games.

Methods of KO Count Card Counting:

People only have to use 0, -1 and +1 in the strategy that will make the game easy and simple. It will make counting easy for you. Then you have to be very much alert during the game. You must see what’s going on and what’s going around you. Keep good eye on other players as well as on the table for the right Ko count card counting. You must see the value and cards of each player from which you will get the idea, how you should apply the strategy of counting in your game.

You must know what value is going on throughout the whole game. That is why we’ve mentioned that blackjack game requires a lot of attention and tricks to be played. You must know and must be watchful what tricks other players are applying and what cards are they going to use. All this is done in order to use Ko count card counting correctly.