Vegas Strip Blackjack

A and J

As it may occur to you from the name, this blackjack game variation has been established in a “Fabulous city of Las Vegas”, and in case you want to play it – you should go there or simply go online – and find this blackjack variation in there. It gained its name from the Las Vegas Strip of Las Vegas Boulevard South in Clark County, Nevada. It can’t be stated that this game is hard to play, as anyone who knows how to play classic blackjack can try out their chances at this variation as well. But, of course there’re some differences, and in order to beat the house – one should definitely learn those:

  • Las Vegas Strip is played with 4 standard (52 cards) decks;
  • This version allows a player to make up to 4 split hands;
  • Player can go with double down option on a split hand;
  • Surrendering option isn’t allowed;
  • The dealer can’t hit more (for him/herself), if the cards total is 17 (either hard or soft).


By using the following strategy – you can significantly increase your odds in Vegas Strip Blackjack.

vegas strip strategy
  • Hit
  • Double Down
  • Double if allowed ,if no - Stand
  • Stand
  • Split

In a modern blackjack casinos, it is the most accepted and standard game to make large money. Because is a recognized game that propose you the best return, if a player gets patient and try to keep a record of all cards are used.

Los Vegas is the best places for casino in the world, which exist an incorporate Blackjack features with some additional features to provide players a sort of latest options, which are not presented in a typical Blackjack game.

Vegas deprive Blackjack game as Blackjack game protest

Usually if appears an Ace then the dealer always verifies the Blackjack or the 10-value card like (10, J, Q, and K) is showing at beginning of players' turn and the dealer provoke all 17s.

Players are permitted to twice on any initial two cards and also double after divide is allowed. Therefore player can re-split twice after a split hand but any of the players is not permitted to re-split Aces.

The modern strategies of Vegas is playing blackjack on the curved table with five playing places and stakes are located in the rounds provide and there have cards with 6 decks that are mixed up after the finishing point of every game. A player can also compete not in favor of the dealer.

But basically the main rule of playing Blackjack is that there is a privileged hand than a dealer without disappearing over 21. If your cards face value is 21 that means the dealers' cards are lesser than yours then you will win!

The strategy of Vegas new version of Blackjack

The strategy of playing Vegas new version Blackjack uses 6 decks of playing cards and all of them are shuffled once each hand. The table has 5 positions and you can prefer any one from or you can also play with 5 hands at the equal time and every hand take a separate risk in opposition to the dealer.

Intention of a player and the dealer

The main objective of a player to add above 21 or he/she has a hand which is upper than dealer and the dealer must stands at all 17s.

Procedure of playing Vegas Blackjack

At the initial hour Blackjack table will be empty and there will have no card and gambles are at the table except the default stake amount being active. At this time you can decide the amount of wager and hands that you wish to play. After completing of placing wagers you have to click the DEAL button to start the game.