Let us learn about hi-opt 1 card counting

Generally while playing blackjack hi-opt card counting one might come across the system of it and wonder about it. It is actually another type of basic strategy for card counting without making the use of a plus card. If you still didn't get it then let us go through the rules of hi-opt 1 card counting in detail.

The Hi-Opt1 Card Counting Details

The strategy of hi-opt1 card counting makes use of few additional rules along with general card counting so that the accuracy of card count would increase higher. This method is also called with the name Einstein card count. But a few players who have good experience consider that this method would not increase the percentage much. While others consider it to be a great method to count cards. The hi-opt1 is totally on addition and subtraction by using simple mathematics.

The Rules of Hi-Opt1 Card Counting

The 2's present in the game will be with the value 0 and they would not change the count of card. All other cards of the group including 3's to 6's will be counted as plus 1 at the time they are used. All the cards with from 7's to 9's would also carry the value 0. While the remaining 10's through K's will have the value minus 1. The Aces in the game do not change the count of the card as they are with value 0.

By making use of this method, with the help of side count on Aces, you can beat the dealer. This genius feature is considered to be very useful for players in different type of blackjack games. To make it more clear, if you understand the cards of a single deck, there will be removal of about 25% chance of winning natural 21 with the each deck being played.

The single hi-opt1 card count strategy is not enough to win the game and few other strategies must be used to become the ultimate winner of blackjack. But with the help of this strategy your game has good chance in most of the blackjack games.