How To Play Blackjack Tournaments

How to play in blackjack tournaments? It is almost the same as to play single blackjack game but this time players compete against each other. Of course, tournament games are harder than single played blackjack games, but they are as well much fun, and it is a real competition with a big prize at stake. Also many of blackjack tournaments are shown on national television, so, at some point, players become TV stars. Who doesn’t want to become one?

Choosing the tournament

The best way of choosing the tournament is to choose by its prize! Before getting registered every player pays an entry fee and the best online tournaments are those where all of the player’s fees become a prize for the winners. Choose wisely before entering the tournament; check all the information about the tournament and its prizes.

In some casinos there are free services for the players like drinks, food and even rooms in casino’s hotel if the tournament lasts longer than one day. But, of course, this reduces the winner’s prize. Nothing goes for free.

Tip to Play at Tournament

Read the tournament’s rules and memorize them. Not all blackjack tournaments have the same rules, it is better to know rules of the particular tournament before starting to play.

You need to memorize next rules simply one by one and all by heart, if you don’t want to lose in the blackjack tournament because of a foolish little mistake in tournaments rules, but not in the blackjack rules themselves! It will surely disappoint you much. And even any of the best casino bonuses online won’t help you. It is bad to lose in the game, but to lose before it has started is even worse!

The rules are following:

1. Choose the tournament. Choose it wisely and carefully.

2. After choosing the tournament and when you are in the casino where the tournament will run first of all find tournament’s organizer’s table. There you need to register and get your seating assignment.

3. Don’t forget your sitting place. Find it and be there on time. Don’t be late – some tournaments automatically eliminate players if they are not in time on their places.

4. Carefully listen to the dealer – before the game starts the dealer will tell the players the betting structure and tournament’s rules. Also check your chips for the amount to be correct.

5. Bet wisely. The time is limited and you, of course, will want to get to the next round. Don’t rush and make big bets. It is better to make small bets. Sometimes, if you are sure, you can bet a quarter of your chips – it is big bet enough to get more money, and not too big to regret of losing. This kind of bet won’t put you in a risky position. Just don’t do it too often.

6. Use all your knowledge of the game! Remember blackjack strategy and the tournament blackjack strategy and use them properly.

7. At the last hand of the round if you are still not the leader bet as maximum chips as you can. If you are the leader, no matter on what hand, bet the minimum to maintain your position. It is better to bet last if you are the leader, especially at the last hand of the round.

Remember, in tournament, the leader can become the last player and the opposite just for only one game.