Switch to Blackjack Switch

The world of online casinos is one of the most competitive market places out there and this is great news for those of us who love playing Blackjack for a number of different reasons.

First off, the competing sites have to do all they can to lure us in in the first place with increasingly generous welcome bonuses. Then they have to try and keep us playing on their sites with loyalty bonuses and special features to keep us interested. But perhaps best of all – they’re doing all they can to make the games themselves both more interesting to play – and with better chances of winning to narrow the margins with the rest of the market.

One site which scores really highly in all these regards is Betfair’s Casino. There are many different Blackjack variations available on the site. Simply check out http://www.betfaircasino.com/blackjack/.

 And you’ll soon see what we mean about both the incredibly generous welcome bonuses and the sheer number of games on offer. One game which really catches our eye on the site is Blackjack Switch.

With this version of the classic game we all love, players play two hands on each round. The “switch” refers to the fact that you can opt to switch the top cards in both your hands before you take any hits.

You may also elect to place a “Superbet”. This enables you to gamble on the possibility of getting two or more matching cards from your first four dealt cards. So for example, if the cards dealt on one hand include a Queen and a seven and the other hand includes a three and a Queen, you win the Superbet because you have a pair of Queens. It’s also quick and easy to see what you’ll win as the win ratios are displayed on the Superbet pay table on the left hand side of the screen.

As with standard variations of Blackjack, you can elect to take out an insurance bet against the dealer winning with Blackjack, and you can choose to split or double. But unlike the normal game variants, in this version the dealer will always hit a soft 17 and a Blackjack hand pays out 1/1 as opposed to 3/2.

There are other aspects to Blackjack Switch which help bring an extra twist to the game – and there are other games available with Betfair that each have different nuances to make them more interesting; give them a trial run. Put all these features alongside the welcome bonus – and we think you’ll be more interested still.