5 Crazy Gambling Stories That Actually Happened

The gambling and euro casino world can sometimes produce some really unbelievable stories. From tales of joy, to tales of sorrow, to just completely insane accounts of off-the-wall gambling experiences, nothing can compare to an exciting gambling story. We are always hearing about them from friends or reading about them on the news; some of us have even had a few experiences of our own, the most common ones being losing all your money while playing at a casino, or winning big at a table, or winning the jackpot at a slot machine. But if you think you have heard it all, think again! Here are some weird gambling stories that actually happened.

  1. Gambler wins over $55 Million from a slot machine
  2. This seems like a pretty typical story of a jackpot win at a slot machine, but there’s more! A Vietnam gambler, a few years back, played at a slot machine that was only designed to have a maximum jackpot payout of under $50,000. So how did he end up winning so much? When the machine was done spinning, it displayed the winnings to be $55,542,296.73! But of course, the casino claimed it to be a glitch, and a legal battle was started as a result. The gambler filed a lawsuit to go after the money when the casino only offered to pay him a mere $10,000 due to the alleged glitch. In January, a judge’s panel took his side in the legal proceedings, meaning he will most likely be receiving the money he won a handful of years ago!

  3. Man threatens casino because of wife’s gambling
  4. That’s right. It is as crazy as it sounds. A man in Delaware, distraught over his wife’s gambling, called the casino where she was present and threatened to shoot up the place! The wife had already lost around $30,000, and this upset the husband quite a lot; enough to have him call the casino and coolly tell them to get her out of there, otherwise he would come with an AK-47 and start shooting. It turned out, he was waiting outside in the parking lot, and he did have weapons and drugs in his vehicle and his home that were later found by the police, but not an AK-47. He claimed that he only wanted to scare his wife, but was arrested and held on bail for $62,350.

  5. Caesar’s fined for not kicking out high-roller
  6. Caesar’s Entertainment Corp was fined $225,000 for accommodating high-roller Terrance Wantanabe while he lost over $120 million at the high-stakes table. However, Wantanabe claimed that the casino loaded him up on free alcohol and pain medication owing to his loss. It was claimed that Caesar’s purposely gave him VIP treatment and special attention just to keep him gambling. And, they allowed something which is assumed to be a big No-No in the gambling world, letting him gamble away his money while he was visibly intoxicated, just to pad their own pockets. Wanatabe did drop all criminal charges and the casino settled for a $225K fine.

  7. Poker Dealer charged with $75,000 fine for stealing $200
  8. It sounds absurd, but it’s true. A poker dealer who was a former employee of The Rivers Casino was caught and charged after stealing $200 worth of chips from the casino. He did plead guilty, but, he was hit with a minimum fine of $75,000! The fine is compulsory under a state law designed to protect the casino industry. This means, if someone is caught stealing even $1 from a casino in the state, by law, the minimum they will be fined with is $75,000. The maximum for such a crime is $150,000. However unreasonable it may seem, the state doesn't intend to reform the law.

  9. Gambler sues casino for falling out of chair
  10. A man in Pennsylvania is taking legal action against Parx Casino, for allegedly providing a faulty chair at a slot machine that caused him to fall out of it. The man claimed that he did receive quite a few injuries as a result and had to go through a few months of physical therapy. However, the casino and the chair maker deny any negligence in the case, which may be heard by a local jury soon.