How social is it playing games with an online casino

Recently I have started playing bingo online with Paddy Power casino and it got me thinking about the social factors of playing online.

When playing online you obviously miss the social factor of meeting lots of different people in the weekly bingo halls, however you can sometimes, depending on what online casino you use, open up chat rooms so you can communicate with other online casino players if you want to.

Although it’s not quite the same as seeing all those other familiar faces which you really get to know over the years when playing in a bingo hall. Often I would go to bingo with my next door neighbour meaning we would catch up on the way there and make a point of seeing each other. Sometimes when life is so busy you can neglect simple things like that.

Life being too busy has meant that playing bingo online is really my only option. I miss the catch up on the way to bingo but in truth when your there you don’t really chat anyway. Too busy checking your numbers against the ones being called and hiding your sheet from your next door neighbour!

So I started to think whether or not you really do spend more time socialising when in a real bingo hall or a virtual one. Often playing online you can open up chat rooms and talk to other players. I’ve actually got to know a few regulars.

Whereas in the bingo hall you’re surrounded by people and can’t really say a word. It is nice to be around people though whereas playing with an online casino you do miss this element, however honestly this isn’t always a negative for me. Sometimes after a really busy day I just want to sit back and quietly get on with something I enjoy, with the choice to chat if you want to but not if you don’t.

I guess it’s a personal choice but I know that the online casino with Paddy Power has really given me that option to still play even when life is taking up most of my most important me time.

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